Prince Solaris
(Inactive, but not dead.)
I told her i didn't know but i was going to ask you.

Hm. Alright then.

Well she asked me if she was adopted or if you actually are her blood related father. (My submissions have been failing as of late)

Oh. What did you tell her?

*flies up to him very close* is it solaris?~ i just want you to do one thing before i go~ use an insult that isnt as old as you~

Like I said, just leave.

*rolls her eyes* harlot harlot harlot~ is that all you know how to say solaris?~ think of some new nicknames for me~ you know~ ones that arnt 1000 years old~

That’s irrelevant, just leave.

oh but it is true solaris~ ask arty if you want~

Just leave you harlot.

i got you a letter Barbra was ill so i brought it for dusk

Alright. Let me see it.

Loss Glow: O Hello Daddy. -hugs-


My lord might ask a favor from you?

And what is it you ask?

((On tumblr for once.))